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Unique Pastries to Tempt You

At East Wind Bakery, you'll find Western and Asian favorites with a twist. We have a wide variety of bao, danish, tarts, muffins, cupcakes and cookies. And yes, all of our pastries are made from scratch. No boxed mix or fillings go into any of our baked goods.

Breakfast Pastry


Apple Custard Roll



  • Chelsea, Garam Masala, Seasonal Fruit, Cheese


Nutella Roll


Seasonal Fruit Custard Roll




Asian Pastry




  • BBQ Pork, Curry Beef, Taro, Purple Yam, Pineapple Top, Coconut, Cocktail, Custard, Bow Wow(hot dog)


  • Ham and Cheese, Passion Fruit, Matcha Chocolate, Mocha Matcha Chocolate, Churro, Cream Bun


Po Ta (Portuguese custard tarts)


Taiwanese Pineapple Cake


Savory Pastry

Pizza Roll


Pot Pie


  • Singapore Chicken, Clam Chower


Sweet Pastry

4" Galette (w/seasonal fruit)


9" Galette (w/seasonal fruit)


9" Tart

  • Banana Kaya Cream, Chocolate Mousse, Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Lemon Curd





  • Butter (w/seasonal jam), Nutella Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Cherry Pecan, Peanut Butter


Shortbread Bars





  • 5-spice Apple, Pineapple, Samosa, Seasonal Fruit


Japanese Cheese Cake