Saturday, June 15th, 9am-3pm

Join us for 50% off on pastries, drinks and retail items.

Yes the time has come to bid our beloved customers farewell. Tony and Doug are retiring and want to thank our customers before we go. It's been an amazing 4 1/2 years. We appreciate and adore our East Wind family. Please drop by so that we can say our goodbyes.

Good Food Hour featuring East Wind Bakery    
KSRO RadioEast Wind Bakery will again be featured on KSRO Radio's Good Food Hour on May 11th, 2019. Please join Doug and Mr. Steve Garner for the latest happening at East Wind Bakery. Listen to archived (Oct 20th, 2018) show here.

This is SF Episode 5 featuring East Wind Bakery    
This is SF!East Wind Bakery's recent TV premiere screening on KCBS is now available to view on YouTube. Check out Crystal's amazing workout at the East Wind DoughJo. Crystal has earned her honorary black belt at East Wind Bakery!

At East Wind Bakery, we strive to make wholesome, hand-crafted food to feed your body as well as your soul. We love baking and nothing makes us happier than to hear MMMMMMMM... when someone has tasted something we've made.

East Wind Bakery offers unique flavors for your palate. We invite you to come in and give your taste buds a treat.