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Bao Down on Baonuts (& Fauxnuts)!

Boanuts are donuts made with our long-rise Tangzhong bao dough, deep fried, and filled and glazed with flavors unlike you'll find at any donut shop. For a baked alternative, we offer Fauxnuts, baked version of the Boanuts!



Mukhwas BaonutMukhwas, Baognet, Thai Coffee Smoked Salt, Kalamansi, Passion Fruit, Coconut...




UbeLavender Apple Fritter, Burnt Almond, Orange Creamsicle, Ube, Bananarama, Thairific, Mango Lassi, White Pepper Chocolate, Sour Puss, Ispahan, Thai Ice Tea, Cardemom Lemon Curd, Lemon Meringue Pie, Banana Foster, Fig & Goat Cheese, Elvis...




Kare PanMaple Bacon Jam, Curry Beef (Japanese Kare Pan), Pork Belly Kimchi (Korean Kimchi Ppang), Carnita Salsa Verde, Samosa...